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Family Counseling

Workshops Offered Wednesday Nights


MFT NY offers a wide array of services provided by experienced professionals. Our goal is to empower individuals so they can take control of their lives.


Simply click on the link below. Visit each page by clicking on the type of therapy you are interested in.


Couples Couseling

An experienced therapist makes all the difference

  •  unparalleled expertise

  •  nationally recognized

  •  a team that has shaped the field

  •  in-depth areas of expertise

  •  leading edge approaches to therapy

  •  therapy customized to meet individual needs

MFTNY now offers educational, informative workshops every Wednesday night from 7-8PM. Cost is $25 per person.

  •  Re-Romanticizing Your Relationship

  •  Staying Sane While Living With A Teenager

  •  The Brady Bunch Lie

  •  How Not to Marry a Jerk/Jerkess

  •  Divorce and Its Aftermath

  •  Healthy Parenting

  •  Balancing Work and Family

  •  The Sandwich Generation

  •  The Therapeutic Makeover

MFT NY was created to provide the community with high calibre therapy and counseling services. Therapy is provided by highly trained individuals. All therapists hold a Masters Degree or higher. All therapists are highly skilled in systemic (relationship) therapies.

   Additional Services Available

   Collaboration With Schools and Agencies

MFT NY staff are available to meet and collaborate with school and agency personnel who are interested in the following areas: In-Service Training for Teachers and School and Agency Personnel. In-Service Training in Solution Focused Approaches for Schools and Agencies. In-Service Training in Families in Transitions.

Couples Therapy

Collaboration With the Business Community

MFT NY offers organizational consulting to mid-size and Fortune 500 companies. Our team offers organizations services that address change, management, communication, employee development, leadership training, and diversity issues. We also have extensive experience consulting with executives at the senior management level.

Collaboration With the Legal Community

MFT NY staff members are available to consult with legal personnel on many issues, including divorcing situations, custody litigations and evaluation, supervised visitations, court mandated anger management and parenting plan development and evaluation.

Collaboration With the Medical Community

MFT NY staff frequently consults with medical personnel around health related issues and the family stress that often ensues. Training is also available by MFT staff members. This training could involve group process education around a number of issues, such as siblings of special needs children, caregiver groups, breast cancer survivor groups, and many others.

Psychological Testing and Evaluation

Psychological Testing and Evaluation is available to individuals or on a consulting basis to agencies by New York State licensed Psychologists.

Speaking Engagements

MFT NY staff are available for workshops and speaking engagements on any topic related to individual, couple and family therapy.

To schedule an appointment call or E-Mail us at

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