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Organizational Psychology

Unique Proposal

Clearly there are traditional and important roles Psychologists play in businesses and other organizations. Often this function is undertaken in a consulting role appended to Human Resources. I have always been amazed at the myriad of human issues that employees bring to the workplace--issues that often Impact workplace performa yet are not spoken of. Some examples are: Communication Issues,  Low Morale, Marital Issues, Serious Work Competition, Living With a Teenager, Divorce, Alcohol and Drug issues, etc.


We are proposing a series of in-house video programs for organizations.These programs consist of a general monthly topic such as Communication Skill Building, Playing Nice in the Sandbox and others.. Each week information on that topic is provided to the employees in a three to five minute video These videos can be accessed by employees over the in-house system.

In addition, employees can e-mail Dr. Joan topics of interest and/or questions they have that are relevant to their lives. If the questions indicate that further in-depth discussion is needed, the employee would be referred to a psychologist. This segment is called Ask Dr. Joan.

This fringe benefit to employees offers a unique program of professional services that is custom tailored to the organization and its employees. 

  • A general monthly topic presented in three minute weekly videos available on a company approved system.

  • Weekly messages to be approved in advance by management on a month to month basis.

  • After each weekly message, employees have the ability to e-mail Dr. Joan with questions or comments etc.

  • If further assistance is needed, employees will be referred for other services.

  • Services provided outside the basic service are provided on a separate fee schedule. 


This program is a non-traditional professional service that  can be a valuable addition to employees and thus organizations.

Traditional Organizational Workshops

Team Building

How do you quantify the difference between a leader and a manager? Which one would your employees consider you -- or would they refer to you as something else? Do you take your work home with you -- does it affect the quality of your family life?


I take a unique approach in my work with you.

Consider contacting me for a free consultation.

Services Offered:

Leadership Consulting and Workshops

Employee Relations, Satisfaction, and Strengths Based Assessment

Vision, Values, and Culture Assessment

Team Dynamics Assessment and Consulting

Conflict Resolution

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