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Not only did I learn a wealth of skills to deal with my anger, but I also improved my relationship with
my wife.” Gerry L.


Anger is a natural human emotion but being chronically angry is not healthy. How you respond to anger is based on how you think and feel. Our innovative anger management program is based on years of research and experience with individuals of all ages. In this program, you will learn the mechanics of anger, how it occurs, and how you set yourself up to become angry. If there are family of origin issues that are residues of the past, the relationship between your anger then and your anger now will be examined. You will also explore the hurt that underlies the anger and learn tools that will assist you in controlling and resolving your anger once and for all.  

   Our Anger Management Program is

  • An empowerment program

  • A prevention program

  • An anger management program

  • It will improve your communication skills

  • It will improve your relationships

  • It will help you feel good about yourself

   The Individual Program

There is an individual anger management program available for persons of all ages. Here individuals work one-on-one with an experienced therapist for 8-10 sessions.


They explore many anger issues, some of which are underlying feelings, triggers, impulse control, risk taking, relaxation techniques, etc.  

We approach Anger Management in terms of Phases. Individuals may attend 8-10 sessions on an Individual or Group basis (Phase I). After completing Phase I, individuals receive a Certificate of Completion. They then have the option to continue into a Support Group (Phase II) if they wish. Phase II is a continuing support group for those who wish to continue their work on  resolving their anger. This group meets weekly.

For those who need an accelerated format, MFTNY offers intensive, focused all-day workshops or two five-hour session blocks.

MFTNY has a special affinity for the working trades and provides support services for Unions of all types. We have had many requests from a broad and diverse union based clientelle seeking support for their members with anger related issues.

MFTNY offers an online Anger Management Class for individuals who cannot attend classes because of busy work schedules, for those who are home bound because of a disability, life demands, shifts at work, or because of geographic location. This class contains the same material that is presented in the weekly sessions.

MFT NY also provides Court Mandated  Anger Management Services

   Programs Offered

Because of the high number of requests for anger management services, we have developed a comprehensive program that is evaluated as one of the best in the country.

   The Group Programs

Programs Offered

The Group Anger Management Program consists of groups ranging in size from 7-12 members. Groups are age specific and run for children, teens and adults.

Our children’s anger management program is geared toward using age appropriate activities and games to assist children with

controlling their anger.

Our  teen anger management program is one of the most successful  in the country addressing anger management, self-esteem,

and self-acceptance.

The Adult Anger Management Program helps participants to express their anger in a way that is acceptable to themselves and

others. It increases self-awareness as well as teaches concrete skills.

An intensive workshop for couples to explore their anger expression in their relationship for personal change and growth.

This program includes one-on-one or group mentoring for business professionals, upper management, physicians, sports members or teams, and/or high profile clients. This program is often requested by Athletic Directors, Team Coaches and/or Human Resource Departments as it often prevents anger related problems with school sports teams or the workplace or solves them.

MFT NY offers training for  professionals interested in bringing this unique program into their agencies, schools and communities. When the program is completed, attendees receive Certification of Completion in Anger Management. This is a state of the art program developed by experts in the field.

                             Click on the above links for details about each program.

To schedule an appointment call or E-Mail us at  Anger Management Coordinator


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