The Anger Management Support Group

This ongoing group meets every week and is for those individuals who have completed the 10 sessionAnger Management workshop, have prior therapy or anger management workshop experience, or have been recommended by their therapist. In other cases, a personal interview is required.


  • Do you find yourself getting angry over insignificant events or comments?

  • Are you having temper tantrums that lead to you feeling badly afterward?

  • Are you arguing with more and more people of late?

  • Do you get agitated with your spouse and/or children?




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If you answered yes to any of these questions, you would probably be suited for the Anger Management Support Group. This therapeutic group helps adults/adolescents recognize angry outbursts and helps them to review and discuss the problem situations in which they find themselves. It assists individuals in looking at the triggers of their anger, the underlying causes, and presents problem-solving skills that will help them find better ways of resolving anger.

                                                                                Cost is $80 per week Call TODAY to register 516-764-2526




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