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In Office Therapy

$200 Per Session  

$175 Per Session  

$150 Per Session  

$125 Per Session  

Use this payment option to prepay for an in office therapy/counseling session once you have a confirmed date and time with Dr. Joan D. Atwood or one of the other MFTNY Therapists.

Anger Management Classes

Purchase an Individual module ($80)

Purchase all 12 Online Modules ($800)

Purchase 8 Online Modules ($600)

MFTNY offers in-depth, highly successful anger management classes online. These classes are for individuals who believe they have anger issues that are affecting their lives and/or relationships. This course is also applicable for Court Mandated persons. There are twelve modules that individuals explore, along with behavioral change techniques that enable them to gain control over their anger issues. Certificates of Completion are provided at the end of the twelve sessions. Program consists of 12 individual modules, each of which can be purchased separately.


Per Individual Workshop ($25)  

MFTNY offers a series of diverse,educational and informative workshops every Wednesday night from 7-8PM. Payment is made in advance of attending each workshop

Professional Certifications

Professional Certification Anger Management ($800)

Professional Certification Parent Education ($800)

These programs are state of the art  based on Cognitive Behavioral Psychology principles which have been shown to be extremely effective.. They are appropriate for marriage and family therapists, social workers, mental health counselors, human resource departments, school counselors, psychologists, teachers, school
administrators, as well as law enforcement personnel (probation officers, corrections and parole persons) Certificates of certification will be provided at the completion of the program.

Online Therapy

Select  the "Buynow" button adjacent to the service you desire to purchase

1/2 Hour  Session ($80)  

1 Hour  Session ($150)

5- 1 Hour  Sessions ($700)

On line Therapy is a very effective method of therapy. Individuals work with an experienced therapist online. For a listing of individuals who might benefit from Online Therapy and information about online therapy, please
click here.

Please do NOT send us any information about your situation until arrangements have been made with your consultant-therapist. We will try to respond to you within 24 hours. This response time might be slightly longer over weekends.


                                                                     For more information call or E-Mail us at



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