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MFTNY is proud to present its nationally known anger management program in an online format. There are12 modules, each covering a particular topic related to your anger. Through this program you will learnabout your anger. You will learn about the kinds of people, places, and things that trigger your anger, whatis underneath the anger and how to better gain control over your anger response so that you control itrather than allow it to control you.

   The Way It Works

  • You have decided that you wish to take the online anger management class.

  • Purchase one module at a time ($60 each) or purchase all 12 modules at once ($700) for a savings of $20.

  • Upon purchase, an online therapist will be assigned to you.

  • Your therapist will be available to you via email to answer any questions that you might have.

  • You must complete one module at a time.

  • The course will remain active for six months. That means you must complete all 12  modules by six months  of initial registration.

  • There is a brief quiz after each module. You will email your answers to your assigned therapist.

  • After you complete the 12 modules successfully, you receive your Certificate of Completion.

  • If you are taking this class because you have been mandated by the courts, we will provide you with all information and documents needed.

Module 1. Anger and Its Physiology

Here you will learn what anger is and what happens to you physiologically when you get angry.


Module 2. The Cycle of Violence


This module explores the cycle of violence and how it is played out in your relationships.


Module 3. Stress and Anger


This module explores differences between stress and anger.


Module 4. Preceding Events


Here you will  explore what events directly preceded your anger response.


Module 5. Trigger Points


This module will help you focus on the triggering events to your anger—the early signs, middle signs, and late signs.


Module 6. The Real Reason for your Anger


This module helps you explore the real reasons for your anger—the feelings that you experience underneath the anger.


Module 7. Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Model


This section helps you become familiar with the cognitive behavioral terminology and  techniques and how you can use these principles to control your anger.


Module 8. A Plan to Control Your Anger


Here you will begin to develop a plan for controlling anger


Module 9. Begin to Manage Your Anger


This module will help you use the cognitive behavioral principles to control violence-how to control anger.


Module 10. Communication Skills


Here you will learn basic communication techniques that will help you relate with others.


Module 11. Conflict Resolution Skills


This modules will teach you basic ways of avoiding conflict with others and also how to resolve issues so that  you are able to move through your “stuck points” to move forward.


Module 12. Reinforcement of Learned Principles


Summary of your plan for dealing with and controlling your anger and graduation.


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