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In this program, children learn that bad things happen when they get angry. They examine when they get angry, who they think makes them angry, and what feelings they have when they show their anger. Next they learn behaviors to control their anger—what they can do instead. Children are given very specific age-appropriate exercises to do in a fun-filled environment. They examine very complicated anger issues in a very simple, gentle way. They learn how to overcome their anger through experiential exercises that also serve to enhance their self-esteem.







  • Bullying and teasing

  • Feeling sad but doing bad

  • Dealing with gremlins

  • Naming your gremlin

  • Playing with your gremlin

  • Controlling your gremlin

  • Making friends and making up

  • Feeling good about yourself

“I can’t believe the changes that have happened with my son.He has gotten his anger under control and he feels better about himself. He loves going to the group.”Barbara W.


Our children’s anger management program is geared toward using age appropriate activities and games to assist children with controlling their anger. It deals with such behaviors as:


   Who Should Attend:

  • Children showing their tempers too often

  • Children who want to  feel better about themselves

  • Children who want to practice their social skills

  • Children who bully

  • Children who are bullied

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