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The couple's group offers an exciting opportunity for participants to explore their anger patterns, and to re-channelthem to strengthen their relationship. Restructuring ways of being together in order to enjoy the satisfaction of a lovingand fulfilling relationship is a major goal of the Couple’s Group.


“This workshop was one of the most important things we have done for ourselves. It gave us true insight into our anger and helped us to become more joyful in our relationship.” Steve G.

   The Couples Program

The Couples Program is uniquely tailored for coupleshaving problems managing anger and escalation.Couples learn to change and to improve the ways theyhandle anger.  The group is an intensive programdesigned to enhance and support loving relationships. Itis intended to assist you in understanding the role thatanger plays in your relationship and how it contributes todestructive cycles of interaction.


The Group is presented in lecture and experiential formats. Couples will learn to explore their negative and positive anger patterns, how to communicate in ways that foster intimacy, how to avoid the common traps and pitfalls of a close relationship, and how to achieve and enjoy a conscious relationship. The group is designed to assist couples in discovering the “real” issues that lead to anger in a safe and nurturing environment.

   Some of the concepts explored are:

  • Creating Healing Rather Than Damaging Relationships

  • Moving From Unconscious Exploding to Conscious Relating

  • Enhancing Intimacy

  • Turning Angry Energy Into Passionate Intimacy

The Couples Anger Management Group is provided forcouples to explore their own positive and negative anger patterns in relationships. They learn what pushes their partner’s anger  “buttons” and they then learn tocommunicate in ways that foster intimacy. Through theexercises with each other, couples begin to learn that thefrustrations they experience with their partner are the very same frustrations they experienced as a child with theirprimary caretakers.

   Who Should Attend:

  • Any couple who feels caught up in an anger cycle

  • If you want to make a good relationship better

  • If you want to save a troubled relationship

  • If you are planning to marry and yet argue a lot

   Intensive Couples Workshop

During the workshop, couples will experience amultimedia format designed to educate and assistthem with anger relationship patterns. Exercises and discussions focus on deepening and reinforcing already existing couple resources and behaviors.




  • Move from anger and blaming to passion and acceptance

  • Improved communication

  • Special exercises and experiences that have proved successful with hundreds of couples

  • Workbooks are provided to all participants


Each individual will work with his/her partner in learning how to communicate in a more positive way. They will examine their “anger buttons”.
They will examine how they learned to be angry in the first place and they then will explore how anger is keeping them from experiencing joy and intimacy in their relationship. Couples will learn new ways of living—without anger. For more information, please contact us


The number of couples is limited. Make your reservation early. Once the group is filled, a waiting list will be kept for future groups.


To schedule an appointment call or E-Mail us at



  • Latest widely praised techniques from the field of couples therapy

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