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   Our Adult Program

“In this program I learnedwhat triggered my anger.I also learned how tocontrol myself so I don'truin my relationships withothers or get intotrouble.” Jim C.


The Adult Anger Program  helps participants to express their anger in a way that is acceptable to themselves and
others. It increases self-awareness as well as teaches concrete skills for resolving anger.

MFT NYs Adult Anger Management Program assists participants in:

  • Exploring the sadness and frustration that  underlies the anger.

  • Learning to recognize the early signs of anger.

  • Learning to change angry behaviors before it impacts relationships with others.

  • Recognizing impulses and learning to control them.

  • Recognizing and reducing the stressors in life. so you are better able to deal with life’s challenges.

  • Learning the value of positive self-talk.

  • Practicing communication skills that more accurately relate your feelings and needs to others.

  • Recognizing patterns of blaming others vs. taking responsibility for thoughts and actions.

  • Taking control of  your own behavior instead of blaming others for “making you do something.”

  • Improving empathy and social awareness to help improve relationships with others.

  • Reducing aggressive responses in the workplace and improving teamwork.

   Who Should Attend:

  • Anyone who is experiencing a great deal of stress and anger in dealing with others

  • Anyone experiencing frustrations at theworkplace with bosses or co-workers

  • Adults experiencing relationship problems as a result of anger

  • Adults mandated to an Anger Management Program by the courts

   Court Mandated Program

MFT NY also provides Court Mandated Anger Management Services.

This program includes skills in stress management, impulse control, training in communication, judgment exploration, behavior
control skills, empathy, positive focus, and much more.

Participants are given a pre and post assessment, as well as a Certificate of Completion.



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