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"I was so worried about my sexual problem and very embarrassed to go for help. My therapist at MFT NY made me feel so comfortable that it was easy to talk to him."Mark G


The MFT NY Team provides sex therapy for these issues and others. The sex therapist usually works with a physician to determine that the problems are not biological in origin. Next, a thorough sex history is taken as well as a sexual history of the current relationship of the couple.


A program of sex therapy specifically geared toward the sexual issue is formulated.

Some Common Issues are:

  • lack of sexual desire  

  • erectile problems

  • painful intercourse        

  • premature ejaculation

  • orgasm issues        

  • fear of sexual intercourse

At MFT NY, Sex Counseling and Therapy are provided by certified Therapists. Sexual problems are assessed from a bio-psycho-social perspective with all avenues explored.


The regulating professional organization for Sex Therapists is the American Association of Sex
Educators, Counselors and Therapists  (A.A.S.E.C.T.)
Please visit their web site for further information.

   We Can Help...

  • Have you been feeling "not interested in sex" lately?

  • Are you having erection problems - causing you to worry?

  • Do you suffer from premature ejaculations?

  • Do you have a difficult time achieving orgasms?

  • Do you want to enhance your sex life?

Couples who have been arguing consistently for years often report that they do not feel very loving toward each other. Many times this arguing will affect their sexual relationship.


There are other times when the couple have a satisfactory relationship and yet they experience sexual problems.


Sex Therapy in general aims at reducing or eliminating problems in sexual performance. However the sexual problem may be a metaphor for an issue in the couple's relationship. In this case, the couples' therapist focuses on helping the couple solve their interpersonal struggles. If the problem presented is a sex problem in and of itself, then the couple may benefit from sex education, cognitive restructuring, and/or learning specific behavioral skills. The sex therapist, in a very sensitive manner, thoroughly evaluates the psychological, physical and interpersonal nature of any sexual dysfunction

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