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   Training in Marriage and Family Therapy:

MFT NY offers training workshops in marriage and family therapy. This training is available to social workers, mental health counselors, clinical psychologists,  and psychiatric nurses. If you are a mental health professional and wish to have more knowledge or practice in MFT, we offer intensive one day workshops on a variety of topics in this area. Training is provided by highly qualified professionals, who have many years of experience in their area.  Certificates are awarded at the end of the workshop.


Our Therapeutic Approach is to assist in the improvement of the quality of family life through nurturing, supportive therapy. Therapy Information  is also available.

   Preparation for the New York State Licensure Examination:

New York State offers the licensing examination twiceper year. In preparation for this examination, MFT NYStaff provides thorough and comprehensive trainingin all categories necessary to be successful inpassing  the NYS licensure exam. This training isgiven by Dr. Joan D. Atwood.   She is the formerPresident of the New York State Association forMarriage and Family Therapists, as well as aProfessor of MFT for over 25 years preparinghundreds of graduates to enter the field  thoroughlyprepared for the licensure examination.


This training entails an intensive weekend workshop given prior to the examination, which focuses on all major
areas of the field. Test taking techniques are presented and relevant reference materials are provided.


To schedule an appointment call 516-764-2526 or E-Mail us at

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