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" I was having anxiety attacks about whether we should get married or if I should cancel it all.  Everything was set -- the hall, -- the invitations, -- the DJ-- everything. We decided to go for therapy. At  MFT NY we found an understanding therapist who helped us work through our concerns. My anxiety  attacks stopped and we learned  some communication skills also." Jessica S.


Couples may either fear that there are underlying conflicts in their relationship that need to be worked out before the marriage or they may want to make sure they are "OK."

Some couples may believe that they are arguing too much. Or couples who enter premarital counseling may do so to give their relationship a premarital "checkup."


In some cases, especially after a divorce, if the new couple then wants to marry, some religious groups may strongly encourage premarital counseling. This is especially important if there are children involved.

Benefits of Premarital Counseling

Learn how to  stay in Love.

Learn how to communicate effectively.

Explore possible traps and pitfalls in your


Understand your conflict style.

Learn effective conflict resolution.

Premarital Counseling is available to couples who want to learn certain skills that will enhance their relationship whether they intend to marry or not.  It also will help couples pinpoint specific areas of conflict they may potentially encounter.

Such skills include:  communication techniques, intimacy enhancing techniques, and conflict resolution techniques.


To schedule an appointment call 516-764-2526 or text us at 516-770-4085 or E-Mail us at

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