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"I can't believe ourmediation went so smoothly. I am certain we would have wound up not speaking to each other if we went to an attorney. Now we can cooperatively parent our children." Barbara L.

Do you want a divorce yet do not know where to turn?

Are you afraid to go to an attorney because of the heavy fees involved?

Do you want to avoid the adversarial legal process and remain "friends" with your spouse?

Are you interested in the best interests of your children?

When couples decide to divorce, they often find themselves in unknown territory. Some experience great turmoil. Others emotionally divorced many years prior and feel relieved. The rest fall somewhere in the middle.


For most, though, divorce represents transition... and transitions...although holding the seeds for growth and change, often are uncomfortable. When children are involved, the decision can become even more confusing.  


Many times when a couple wishes to divorce, they choose to seek an attorney to assist them with this process. Often because of the nature of the divorce process in New York State, two people who wanted to have a colegial type of divorce wind up bitter enemies.  


Divorce Mediation enables the couple to focus on the best interests of the children and to develop a parenting plan that will help them raise their children with minimal issues.


Divorce Mediation assists people in doing A Competent Divorce. The links below are helpful and educational.

Mediate.... Don't Litigate .....


   Divorce Mediation

   Frequently Asked Questions

What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce Mediation is a process by which you and your spouse or partner can negotiate an agreement in the terms of

your divorce or separation in a cooperative, non-adversarial way.


You work with a divorce mediator who is impartial and non-judgmental. The divorce mediator helps you develop an agreement that plans for the future, and if you have children, will help you develop a parenting plan for them.

How do I know if Divorce Mediation is right for us?

You basically don't.  But if you are interested in mediating your divorce, go to a divorce mediator for a few sessions and see if you find it helpful.

What are the advantages of Divorce Mediation?

Divorce Mediation saves time, money and emotional energy. Because the divorce mediator is trained to control the process, arguments do not escalate and real communication about the very real issues of divorce can begin. By helping you develop creative parenting arrangements, divorce mediation can help you maintain the parenting part of your relationship even though the couple part has dissolved.

Will the Divorce Mediator try to get us back to gether?

No, getting couples back together is the goal of the couples therapist. The divorce mediator assumes that because you have come for mediation that you have already made the decision to divorce.

What happens during the Divorce Mediation Process?


During the first session of mediation, the divorce mediator will explain the process and give you forms to take home and fill out. The divorce mediator may also give you some handouts if you have children giving you direction on how to competently help your children through the divorce. Once you have filled out the forms you return to the mediator and discuss the areas that you were able to agree on and those where you had problems.


The divorce mediator will also stress that you can make any agreement that you want, and if needed, the mediator will explain the laws and norms for divorce in your area.


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