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MFTNY has taken the lead in offering a host of tele-therapy/online counseling services. All programs offered are top notch, based on the latest research.

Tele-therapy refers to face time or zoom sessions, while on-line therapy refers to e-mail therapy. Either are available.


These courses are given by experienced counselors and trainers that will work one-on one with individuals  to help address their specific issue. Our services also include training for professionals in anger management.

Tele-Therapy/Online Counseling is a very effective method of therapy. Individuals work with an experienced counselor online. Register here for more information about Online Counseling.

MFT NY offers an Anger Management Training and Certification Program for Mental Health Professionals, School Personnel, Court Personnel, and Law Enforcement Persons.


This course is appropriate for marriage and family therapists, social workers, mental health counselors, addiction counselors, psychologists, human resource departments, school counselors, school administrators, as well as law enforcement personnel (probation officers, correction officers, and parole persons), attorneys, judges and other interested professionals.


Register Here For Professional Certification

Do you want to take a class in Anger Management  but do not have the time to or cannot attend weekly sessions?

Have you been mandated by the courts to take anger management classes but your work schedule makes it impossible to meet weekly at a designated time?

MFT NY offers an Anger ManagementProgram for individuals who cannotattend classes because of busy workschedules, for those who arehome-bound because of a disability,life demands, shifts at work, or becauseof geographic location.


The class contains the same materials that are presented in the weekly sessions. MFTNY offers in-depth, highly successful anger management classes online. These classes are for individuals who believe they have anger issues that are affecting their work, their lives and/or relationships. This course is also applicable for Court Mandated persons. There are twelve modules that individuals explore, along with behavioral change techniques that enable them to gain control
over their anger behavior. Certificates of Completion are provided at the end of the twelve sessions.


Online therapy is an exciting new way to deliver therapeutic services. It is not the same as, and cannot universally substitute for, face to facetraditional therapy. Rather, online therapy is an alternative therapeutic process proving itself to be quite helpful for many clients dealing with awide range of  issues. Please see our more detailed discussion contrasting psychotherapy and email therapy in our e-therapy section.


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