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"I came to therapy because I was having anxiety attacks.

I had just broken up with my long term  boyfriend. My counselor at MFT NY

explored the anxiety with me and we came up with a plan that  helped me tremendously." Teresa M.

   A Plan for Counseling

Is your life not turning out the way you want it to? Are you struggling to solve these problems yourself or perhaps asking the help of your friends?


Sometimes in life we may need the help of a professional counselor, who has experience, training and expertise. Making a decision to come for 
counseling can be frightening. Counselors are aware of this and work to help you feel comfortable from the first session on.


We strive to give each individual client an initial first session where, through collaboration with his or her therapist, a plan for therapy is discussed. Counseling usually occurs on a once-a-week basis. Sessions last 50 minutes.


After the client has accomplished certain goals, s/he will attend counseling sessions once every other week, then once a month, and so forth. Individual counseling is provided by highly trained and qualified individuals for such issues as:


  • relationship issues                                        

  • anger management

  • abuse of any kind        

  • academic problems

  • self esteem problems        


In some cases, groups are available for these situations as well. The Anger Management Group, The Teen Body Image Group, and The Women's Group are starting. Register early for the next groups as only a limited amount of seats are available.

  • parenting skill building

  • depression

  • eating disorders

  • anxiety attacks        

  • sexual problems


   Is Counseling Right For You?

  • Have you been feeling "down in the dumps" lately?

  • Are you suffering from anxiety attacks?

  • Do you keep getting involved in "bad" relationships

  • Have you been molested as a child?

  • Do you have an eating disorder?

  • Do you have anger management issues?

  • Are you having problems with your family?

  • Have you lost a loved one and can't seem to get over it?


We offer counseling to individuals of all ages ranging from children to older persons and is also provided around a number of life cycle issues such as getting married, becoming a parent, death of a close family member, separation or divorce, and many others.


The counseling provided is an intense brief counseling  program designed to help individuals gain awareness about their problems and learn new ways that may  bring about powerful breakthroughs of impasses.

To schedule an appointment call or E-Mail us at

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