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New York Marriage and Family Therapists (NYMFT)  currently offers 3 new and exciting training programs  for professionals interested in bringing Anger Management, Parent Education, or Sex Therapy  into their agencies, schools,  workplace, and/or their communities. These state of the art programs are developed by experts in the field. When the program is completed, attendees receive a Certification of Completion in Professional Training in the desired field. Professional Trainings on such topics as Couples Therapy and Family Therapy are also regularly offered.

   Program Requirements

Professional Certification Training is open to those individuals with a background in mental health, marriage and family therapy, psychologists, substance abuse counselors, domestic violence counselors, religious personnel, education personnel, corrections officers, law enforcement officers, nurses, social workers and court personnel.


Students in these fields may also be accepted.

   Anger Management Program

Anger is a natural emotion but being chronically angry is not healthy. How persons respond to anger is based in how they think and feel. Our innovative anger management program is based on years of research nd experience with individuals of all ages. This program teaches the mechanics of anger, how it occurs and how individuals set themselves up to become angry  LEARN MORE


Our Anger Management Program will teach you to assist individuals and groups with the following. It will.....


  • Help you empower people

  • Enable you to help people to prevent anger outbursts

  • Allow you to assist individuals with communication skills

  • Enable you to help people have better relationships

  • Teach you how to help people have better self-esteem

  • Teach you how to run anger management groups and courses

   Parent Coodrdinator Program

The E.S.P. Program (Enhancing Skills for Parents) supports the idea that the most challenging role in society today is that of “being a parent.” Yet there are few, if any, educational programs that help parents develop the attributes necessary to meet the needs of this role. Also traditional methods of raising children are no longer as effective as they were traditionally. The Parent Coordinator Program provides professionals with the tools and skills necessary to meet the challenges of parenting in modern society.  LEARN MORE


Our Training Program for Professionals will teach you to assist individuals and groups with the following:. It will.....


  • Teach you how to help parents learn the skills necessary to raise responsible children who will grow into adults capable of living a happy, healthy life.

  • Help you to teach parents the skills necessary to improve and enhance parent-child relationships.

  • Allow you to assist parents by teaching them communication skills.

  • Teach you how to help parents help their children have better self-esteem.

  • Teach you how to run parenting groups and courses.

   Sex Therapy Program

Very often mental health professionals see clients who experience a sexual issue or a sexual problem. Professionals in these various disciplines are often unprepared academically, theoretically and clinically to treat such clients. It is therefore crucially important that mental health professionals in a clinical setting be adequately prepared to treat sexual issues and problems. This program of study will present information and training in the field of sexual theory and therapy that will enable these clinicians to understand the nature of sexuality issues.


Our Certification in Sex Therapy prepares the individual with specific training in sex therapy. This program of study is designed in accordance with the Sex Therapy professional regulating body, The American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists (ASSECT). Students graduating from the program will have met the academic knowledge base and sex therapy training components for this organization as a Sex Therapist. To this end, students will have met both academic sexuality education as well as sex therapy training. This training is provided by Master Therapists and experts with many years of experience in the field of Human Sexuality and Sex Therapy. LEARN MORE

   Unparalleld Leadership and Experience

Dr. Atwood is a social psychologist, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She is a Clinical Member and Approved Supervisor of AAMFT. She is the President and CEO of NY Marriage and Family Therapists. In addition, Dr. Atwood is the past President of the New York Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and was awarded the Long Island Family Therapist of the Year award for outstanding contributions in the field. Dr. Atwood has published 21 books and over 100 Journal articles. She serves on the Editorial Board of most Journals in the field; she holds Diplomate status and is a Clinical Supervisor on the American Board of Sexology; she holds Diplomate status in the National Anger Management Association; and she has been elected to the National Academy of Social Workers.

She is a co-founder of PEACE PROGRAM (Parent Education and Custody Effectiveness) and has served on the President’s Commission for Domestic Policy. She has made numerous TV appearances.

Dr. Atwood has dedicated her life to helping individuals, couples and families enhance and enjoy their lives.
She is in Private Practice in Individual, Couples and Family Therapy and Anger Management in Rockville Centre, Williston Park,
and New York City.

Dr. Atwood’s outstanding team of expert therapists meet weekly to rigorously review all clinical cases.

For more information call or E-Mail us at

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