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   Professional Certification in Parent Education The Way It Works

Before a person is accepted into the certification course, they must e mail their resume to MFT NY Team will evaluate the person's background and training and s/he will be notified of the status within a weekof receiving your resume at which time payment for the course must be submitted.


Training is available in the Rockville Centre Office or Online. Please specify in your email which you would prefer


This psycho-educational course consists of twelve modules and taking these twelve modules is all you will need to complete this course. The information and materials provided to you during this course will enable you to:

The information provided to you in this course will enable you to do the following:


  • Teach Parents Skills for Resolving Conflicts and Exploring Alternatives With Their Children.

  • Help Parents Learn Methods for Developing Responsibility and Cooperation in Their Children.

  • Run Parenting Courses and Groups.

  • Teach Parents to Learn the Various Approaches to Discipline to Foster Cooperation andAvoid Daily Battles With Their Children.

  • Help Parents to Learn to Use Encouragement  and to be Optimistic in Their expectations ofTheir Children.


At the completion of all twelve modules and the successful completion of the quizzes, you will receive
your Certificate of Completion in Parent Education..


No portion of the content information may be duplicated. The exercises may be xeroxed to give to clients.


If you have any questions during the course, you may e mail at any time.


The course will remain active for one year following registration. This is an intense training, providing you with all the latest state of the art research on parent education. The course is taught by experienced professionals with many years in the field.

Module 1.


Overview of the Course and Model Used


Module 3.


Developmental Psychology


Module 5.


Building Positive Relationships   


Module 7.


B.  Developing Effective Communication


Module 9.


All About Anger


Module 11.


Encouragement Self-Esteem Self-Worth

Module 2.


Overview Of Group Dynamics


Module 4.


The Family Life Cycle


Module 6.


A. Developing Effective Communication


Module 8.


Emotions and Daily Battles


Module 10.


Punishment vs. Discipline


Module 12.


Closing Summaries



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