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   Professional Certification in Sex Therapy

Academic Requirements:

The applicant must hold at least a Masters Degree in one of the following disciplines: Social Work, Psychology,

Mental Health Counseling, Rehabilitation Counseling, Nurse Practitioner, or Marriage and Family Therapy.  

Students enrolled in a Masters Degreeprogram in any of these disciplines may also apply to take courses in

the program. How ever, they will not receive the Certificate  until they have also received their Masters Degree.  


Additional Requirements:


  • Membership in AASECT (the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists).Student membership is acceptable while the student is obtaining the Masters Degree and/or theProfessional Diploma.

  • AASECT Code of Ethics, The applicant must have read the AASECT Code of Ethics and sign theagreement form in the application materials. By signing this agreement form, the applicant agreesto be bound by the AASECT Code of Ethics.


Training is presently available at the Rockville Centre or Williston Park offices. Please specify in your e mail which you would prefer.


Before a person is accepted into the certification course, they must e mail their resume to The MFT NY Team will evaluate the person's background and training and s/he will be notified of the status within a week of the e mail.


This psycho-educational course consists of ten modules and taking these ten modules is all you will need to complete this course.






The Human Sexuality Education component of the program is geared to providing the student with a general
knowledge base about Human Sexuality and Sexuality Theory and Therapy.


At the completion of the program, you will receive a complete set of materials and a Certificate of Completion in Professional Training in Sex Theory and Therapy.


No portion of the course content may be duplicated. The exercises may be Xeroxed to give to clients. This is an intense training providing you with state of the art research. on anger management.


At the completion of all twelve modules and the successful completion of the quizzes, you will receive your Certificate of Completion.

No portion of the content information may be duplicated. The exercises may be xeroxed to give to clients.


If you have any questions during the course, you may e mail at any time.






Module 1.


Developmental Sexuality: The Sexual Life Cycle


Module 3.


Sexual Orientations


Module 5.


Special Topics in Sexuality  


Module 7.


Sex Dysfunction/Sex Therapy I


Module 9.


Ethical Issues in Sex Therapy

Module 2.


Biological and Medical Aspects of Sexuality


Module 4.


Research Methods-DSM


Module 6.


Dynamics of Interpersonal Relationships


Module 8.


Sex Dysfunction/Sex Therapy II


Module 10.


Internship in Sex Therapy

For more information call or E-Mail us at

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