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Couples and Money

                                                                                        By: Joan D. Atwood, Ph.D


Gain insight into the role money plays in relationships; the role of money in a relationship, money and marital satisfaction, money styles
and gender differences. Take the survey and  receive the survey results..




Current State of Sexuality Theory and Therapy

                                                                                       By: Joan D. Atwood, Ph.D. and Emily Klucinec


Joan D. Atwood, Ph.D. is Director,  Marriage and Family Therapists of New York.  Please send all correspondence to her 542 Lakeview
Avenue, Rockville Centre, NY 11570.  Emily Klucinec is an employee of MFT NY.



Mommy’s Little Angel, Daddy’s Little Girl - Do You Know What Your Pre-Teens Are?

                                                                                       By: Joan D. Atwood, Ph.D.


Marriage and Family Therapists and other mental health professionals are often unaware of the sexual activity of pre-adolescent girls.
The reason for this is because of the lack of research reporting on the sexual behavior of these young people.



The Quarter-Life Time Period: An Age of Indulgence, Crisis or Both?  

                                                                                       By: Joan D. Atwood, Ph.D. and Corinne Schultz, Ph.D. candidate


A new period of life called the Quarter-Life is proposed, extending from approximately 18-29 years of age and sometimes later. The
emergence of this period is believed to be the result of several social, historic and economic factors that occurred post WWII. This
paper explores these changes in terms of the experiences of affluent young people in today’s western society.    



Early Marital Slippage  

                                                                                       By: Joan D. Atwood, Ph.D.


Sal and Gloria were married for twenty one years. They had two sons who were presently away at college. They were married quite
young and when Gloria initiated counseling, they were both in their early forties. It was already too late. Their marriage was over.



10 Necessary Steps in Step-Family Integration   

                                                                                       By: Joan D. Atwood, Ph.D.


10 necessary steps to step-family integration. Marriage and Family Living. 20-25. Joan D. Atwood, Ph.D. is a Professor of  Marriage and
Family Therapy and Psychology. Dr. Atwood is past President of the New York State Association for Marriage and Family Therapists and
was awarded the Long Island Family Therapist of the Year award for outstanding contributions to the field. Reprinted with permission of
the author


Rules for Successful Weight Loss

                                                                                     By: Joan D. Atwood, Ph.D.


If You Want to Get and Stay Thin, You Have to Take a Good Hard Look at The Four "W's":  What, When, Where, and Why you eat.



The Socially Constructed Meanings of Menopause

                                                                                    By: Joan D. Atwood, Ph.D., et al.    


The Socially Constructed Meanings of Menopause: -- Another Case of Manufactured Madness?



Social Constructionist Therapy with the Single Parent Family

                                                                                      By: Joan D. Atwood, Ph.D.


Traditional models of therapy, based on modernist assumptions, embrace a position of certainty in that there is a model of normalcy, to
which the therapist then compares the person/family in therapy. In so doing, s/he focuses on how different the family is from the norm,
i.e. deficit focus, and decides which interventions are needed to bring the family closer to the norm.



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