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   Love Your Body, Love Yourself Young Women's Self-Esteem and Body Image Group

Join our 10 week workshop that focuses  on enhancing self- esteem and confidence in young women.

This workshop was fantastic.I thought that I was alone in my feelings. It made me realize that other

girls felt the same way".  Jenny A.


Being a teen can be a source of joy and also a source of frustration.


If you are experiencing the see-saws of being a teen, mood swings or anger, let us help.

Join our 10 week workshop that focuses on health, body image and self-esteem for young women.


Tell us your story. Hear other young women tell theirs.

About This Workshop

Young women are supposed to be social, popular, and have a boyfriend who adores them.


They are supposed to excel in their studies, get into a good school, get engaged when they graduate and marry the man of their dreams. And of course, live happily ever after


Unfortunately all too often this is not the case  and young women feel all sorts of pressures and anxiety


This group will help them explore the basic problems with these social assumptions, will empower them to make sensible choices and decisions, and will help to foster their self esteem and self confidence.


It is a fun group; it is a serious group. But most of all, it is an empowering group.

   Can you Relate...

Are you worried that you don't fit in with your friends?


Do you feel like you are too fat, too skinny, too small, too tall?


Are you spending too much time on the computer e mailing, IM-ing, or blogging?


Do you worry about being more popular?

Are you becoming more and more withdrawn, not wanting to interact with your family or friends?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our group on Health and Body Image might be for you.

   Teen Women's Group Forming Now

This is a 10 week Certificate workshop. Persons  must attend all 10 sessions to receive a Certificate

   Suggested Resources

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