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   Problem Solving

Every relationship has its share of challenges.When challenges become problems, they causea certain level of distress for a couple. Lack of good problem solving and conflict resolution skills can be both a cause and a result of astrained relationship.


Assess your problem solving abilities by rating each category below on a scale from 1-10. Calculate your score and compare it with the assessment scale below.

Willingness to Communicate -- Do you bring up issues that are botheringyou? Are you willing to listen to your partner when they want to talk aboutproblems or concerns?   



Compromise -- Do you both make efforts to understand each other's
perspectives? How willing are you both to make compromises? Will one of
you bring up the idea of compromise in order to settle a disagreement?  


Apologizing -- Can you let your partner be right? When you are wrong, will
you admit it? Can you say the words "I'm sorry" and "Please forgive me" Can
you accept your partner's apology? Is it like you to forgive your partner when
they do something wrong and asked for forgiveness?    



Fair Fighting -- Do you fight fair? In an argument do you avoid yelling and
screaming at one another? Do you refrain from calling each other names?
Do you leave the past in the past and avoid bringing up issues that you know
will make things worse? 



Handling/Expressing Emotions -- Do you express difficult emotions like
express anger, frustration, and sadness in an appropriate way? When your
partner is upset, are you a good listener? Do you know how to make them
feel better? Can you reflect back difficult feelings in a way that lets your
partner know they are heard? Do you make efforts to avoid confrontations
and difficult discussions when you are in a bad mood?


0-25:    ON THE EDGE. The same problems are coming up over and over but nothing is getting resolved.


26-37:  HOLDING STEADY. If you're trying to get on track with your relationship, you are going to need some assistance.


38-50:  FAR FROM THE EDGE. Congratulations! You have wonderful problem solving and conflict resolution skills.




Effective problem solving and conflict resolution skills are necessary for a happy and healthy relationship. We find most couples have their own preferred ways of handling conflict that are best suited for them. We help people tap into their unique intuitive problem-solving strategies so
they can begin to push through problem areas and experience new levels of happiness together. This however, cannot happen by reading a book or listening to a tape program. Under the guidance of a trained professional, you can achieve this and so much more.  Give us a call at
516-764-2526 (Nassau County)  or 845-626-2257 (Ulster County) or e-mail us to discuss how we can help you.

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