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Successful relationships are a balance between caring for yourself and caring for your partner.This balance is critical. In addition, people reporting high levels of satisfaction in their relationship also report making their relationship their highest priority.


Answer the questions below "true" or "false" and see where you stand today. Compare your score with the assessment scale below.

1.    We regularly make efforts to eat meals together.


2.    We talk on the telephone at least once per day.


3.    When I am wrong I always admit it and apologize to my partner.


4.    We are loyal and committed to one another.


5.    I side with my partner in conflicts with others.


6.    I know my partner would never abandon me.


7.    We are supportive of one another's personal interests and activities.


8.    We make time to go on dates with one another at least twice a month.


9.   I surprise my partner with occasional gifts or tokens of appreciation.


10.  I often complement my partner about their positive qualities.


11.  When I speak, I feel like my partner is genuinely interested.


12.  At parties and social situations we spend the majority of time together.


13.  We remember to buy one and other gifts for birthdays and holidays.


14.  We structure most activities to include one another.


15.  My partner and I share decision-making regarding finances, parenting etc.


16.  Our relationship is a partnership and we share household chores.


17. When something important happens in my life, I almost always share

       it with my partner first.


0-7:     ON THE EDGE. Serious distress. You have lost sight of what is important to maintain a healthy and happy relationship.


8-12:   HOLDING STEADY. You sometimes make one another a priority, but things often get in the way.


13-17: FAR FROM THE EDGE. Great job. You know the importance of making each other your first priority.




Learning how to put one another first is very important to a successful relationship. Life's distractions have a way of pushing our priorities to the bottom of the pile. It is absolutely possible to reorganize your priorities and put your relationship and one another first.  Give us a call at
516-764-2526 (Nassau County) or text us at 516-77--4085 or e-mail us ( to discuss how we can help you.

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