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Intimacy (not just sex) is a key indicator of the state of your relationship. It is natural for intimacy levels tovary over the course of a marriage or long term relationship. The assessment below will help you determine where you stand on a variety of factors relating to intimacy.Answer "yes" or "no" to the following questions and compare your score to the assessment scale below.


Answer "yes" or "no" to the following questions and compare your score to the assessment scale below.

1.     We initiate positive physical touch at least once per day.


2.     We regularly share intimate time together.


3.     I can tell my partner my innermost concerns and fears.


4.     It feels good when I touch my partner.


5.     I'm satisfied with the level of passion and intimacy in our relationship.


6.     We encourage and support one another physically and emotionally when in



7.     We are usually on the same page regarding sex and physical intimacy.


8.     We regularly make time for hugging and kissing.


9.    We have fun and laugh on a regular basis.


10.   We take turns initiating intimate time.


11.   We still engage in activities that we enjoyed when we first dated.


12.   When we make promises to each other, we make every effort to keep them.


13.   It feels good when my partner touches me..


14.   When we talk about intimate issues, I feel safe and heard.


15.   If I approach my partner for intimate time or sex, I'm not likely to be rejected.


16.   We make efforts to try new things and bed and vary our normal routine.


17.  I would welcome the opportunity to get back some of our passion


0-7:     ON THE EDGE. Your intimate connection is almost nonexistent. You are probably more likeroommates than lovers.


8-12:   HOLDING STEADY. Some intimate connection still exists. However, there is room forimprovement and you deserve more.


13-17: FAR FROM THE EDGE. Absolutely connected! You are enjoying the benefits of a fantasticintimate life together.



While sex and intimacy might be the first to go, it doesn't have to be the last thing to return. We help people reconnect to each other in ways that they have long forgotten or believed were not possible. Learning to rediscover one another can be a fun and exciting process. Your relationship
can become so much more with some outside assistance.  Give us a call at 516-764-2526 (Nassau County) or 845-626-2257 (Ulster County) or e-mail us to discuss how we can help you.

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