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Good communication is important for all successful relationships. When communication breaks down, so do many other aspects of a relationship. The problem is, communication rarely breaks downover night. It is a subtle wearing away that is of tentimes difficult tosee happening. Gauging your communication and understanding some of your patterns together is a very helpful way to begin assessing the state of your relationship.


Respond with "true" or "false" to the following statements. When finished, compare your score to the assessment scale below.

1.    We have a least one meaningful conversation per day.


2.    We regularly share our daily routines with one another.


3.    We talk about difficult or challenging issues in a safe and relaxed way.


4.    When my partner calls on the telephone, I always answer.


5.    When we argue, we make efforts to avoid sarcasm or name calling.


6.   When we have a disagreement we are able to compromise or agree to disagree.


7.    Our relationship is not at risk during disagreements or confrontations.


8.    Even when we disagree, I feel like my partner has respect for my opinions.


9.   When an argument or discussion gets out of control, we routinely call timeout.


10.  I feel comfortable talking about sexual issues with my partner.


11.  We don't assume we know what one another is thinking.


12.  We don't assume our partner should know what we are thinking.


13.  I feel comfortable talking about difficult issues with my partner.


14.  I regularly try to see my partner's perspective on things.


15.  When we fight or argue, we rarely raise our voices.


16.  I feel I can trust what my partner says to me.


17.  I am satisfied with the level and frequency of our communication. ?


18.  We never go to bed angry.


19.  The majority of our conversations are stress-free and productive.


20.  When we speak, I feel like my partner is really listening.


0-8:      ON THE BRINK. Communication has broken down, and is most likely impacting all areas of your relationship.


9-15:    HOLDING STEADY. Not bad, but you could make some adjustments to avoid the Brink.


16-20:  FAR FROM THE BRINK. Fantastic job. You are wonderful communicators. Nothing to worry about.




Better communication between partners is always a priority. We find when we unblock stuck and unhelpful communication patterns, and people have an opportunity to really understand one another, better communication always follows. This is difficult to achieve without the skill and knowledge of a trained relationship specialist. Give us a call at 516-764-2526 or 845-626-2257 or e-mail us to discuss how we can help you.

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