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I sit here watching the leaves fall to the ground. The ground is covered with touches of red, yellow, green, and the burgandies of the changing season. I am reminded of transitions and I reflect on the changes that have taken place at MFTNY.


In the past year we doubled our client base, opened the New York City Office and established our Anger   Management Programs as top notch nationally. We began

our Anger Management After Care Groups. Two new staff members joined NYMFT: Seta Boudakian and Athena Douris. We will have more to say about them in future Newsletters. We also established our training programs and have worked with many individuals toward Certification. Our Anger Management Workbook was translated into Japanese and our program is being marketed internationally.


I am very excited about our upcoming groups. They are listed below:

   Is Your Heart Broken?

Has your relationship ended when you thought it should go on? Are you ready to give up on relationships completely? Do you despair over ever meeting the right person? If you answered yes, then our group might begood for you. This is a group for individuals who are suffering from a broken heart and want to heal so they can go forward with their lives. Please call 516-764-2526to register. This group will fill quickly, so please registerearly.

   Families Surviving Suicide

Has a loved one committed suicide? This is one of the most painful events in anyone’s life. One person hasended the pain in his or her life but the families and partners live on.  They live on with a multitude of emotions. Our group at NYMFT helps persons suffering from such a tragic loss heal around the pain.

   Families Who Lost A Loved One Due To Illness

Whether it was a sudden death or a long drawn out illness, the surviving family members often relive the sadness, anger and pain of the loss. The pain and sadness is often intensified as the holidays near and they must face another festive occasion with out their Partner,Mom, Dad, Son, Daughter, Sibling or Friend. This group helps individuals heal and move forward with their lives holding the memories close and putting the loss inperspective so they can experience peace.


   Military Families

So often the problems and issues facing military families are ignored. At NYMFT they are at the forefront of our thinking. If you or someone you know is having a difficult time transitioning to being alone or reentering non-military life, this group is for you. It is a support group that will
empower you to work through whatever issues that you are facing. You will join with others who feel similar problems and work with an experienced therapist.

   ANGER MANAGEMENT  GROUPS Waiting Lists Forming Now

NYFMT is now offering their 10 session Anger Management program to groups in both their New York City and Rockville Centre, Long Island offices.


All Day sessions are also available.


To register for an upcoming group call 516-764-2526 or E-Mail us at

   Now Available

Online Certification in Management For Professionals

Are you a busy Professional who is interested inlearning more about Anger Management?

MFT NY offers an Anger Management Training and Certification Program for Mental Health Professionals, School Personnel, and Law Enforcement Persons. This course is appropriate for marriage and family therapists, social workers, mental health counselors, psychologists, teachers, school administrators, as well as law enforcement personnel (probation officers, corrections, and parole persons).

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Keep and eye out for our upcoming  Couples Weekend Getaway Spring 2009


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