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Get Over Yourself: Learning How To Manage Your Anger

This book is for the professional who wishes to run anger management groups or for those therapists who are interested in a step by step is a step by step progression of learning about early stressors, learning to communicate, working with clients who experience anger in their relationships or the workplace. It speaks to overcoming anger after seeing how it controls relationships in the home and the workplace.


Relationships in the Millenium: A Workbook for Lovers

Happy Parenting: Happy Kids The Trainer's Manual

This is a book for trainers, who seek to teach a Parenting Program. It is a book that trains professions, from start to finish on how to develop and run a parenting group. Step by step, relevant topics are covered, helping the professionals help prents to parent their children.

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Happy Parenting: Happy Kids: The Parent Manual

This book is the companion to the book above. It is the workbook for parents in teaching them to become better parents.


Relationships in the Millennium: A Workbook for Lovers

Relationships in the Millenium: A Workbook for Lovers

This book is a must-have for those in relationships or contemplating a relationship. It is a workbook that will help you explore your ideas and feelings about relationships and  through the use of questions and techniques, teach you to understand yourself and your partner so you can enhance your experience together.



   Family Scripts

Presentation of the author's theories on family therapy for therapists and instructors.Based on the social constructionist theory perspective. Covers theoretical issues in the field as well as presenting practical techniques for application.



   The Effects Of The Internet On Social Relationships

Since around the 1970's, the world has witnessed a technological revolution equaling no less than a global paradigm shift in the way we communicate in our social relationships. The impact of the new technology has impacted every aspect of our lives from early childhood to older ages.

   Counseling Single Parents

"This is major text in the field of SocialConstructionism. The author describes the theory and then applies it to many different family situations."




   Family Systems / Family Therapy

This comprehensive book examines family therapy issues in the context of the larger systems of health, law, and education. Family Systems/Family Therapy shows how family therapists can bring their skills to bear on abroad range of problems by cooperating with professionals in other disciplines. 

   Challenging Family Therapy Situations

"This is major text in the field of SocialConstructionism. The author describes thetheory and then applies it to many differentfamily situations."




   Family Therapy

This is the only book that captures theessentials of families in crisis in one volume.The editor focuses on practical issues andtechniques for family counseling, includingdiagnosing, marital counseling, and referralservices."




   Handbook of Family Therapy and Chronic Illness

Approaches chronic illness from a leading-edge perspective. This approach enables therapists to listen attentively to complicated narratives. Because these stories, feelings, and emotions are difficult to describe, the clients have demanding "telling"tasks while therapists have demanding"listening" tasks.



   Therapy with Single Parents

Therapy with Single Parents focuses on the strengths of the single-parent family rather than its weaknesses, stressing the need to look at the socially constructed norms, values, and definitions associated with marriage and family in order to provide effective counseling. This unique book examines experiences that are common to single parents and presents interventive strategies for treating single-parent family issues.



   The DSM-5 Survival Guide: A Navigational Tool for Mental Health Professionals

The book will help you navigate the DSM-5. It will assist you in learning the diagnoses as they are required by agencies and the insurance companies in order to obtain reimbursement for services. Each chapter presents the more common disorders as they are typically encountered in agencies. It is a book for mental health and human service professionals--graduate students in social work, marriage and family counseling, psychology, and mental health counselors.

   Treatment Techniques for Common Mental Disorders

Treatment techniques is one of the best books on the market for understanding the experience of clients who have common issues.  This book is a practical "hands-on"book that is useful for beginning students in the field of psychology, sociology, mental health counseling, and social work. Some issues presented are: anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and many others."


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