Internship and Residency
As a result, persons applying for
licensure must obtain supervision in
Marriage and Family Therapy
Training. MFT NY staff provide that
supervision. All hours are
Mental Health Professionals including Marriage and Family
Therapists (MFTs) were recently licensed in NYS. For a listing of
NY State Requirements for the licensing of MFTs, please click
the above link to website.
documented and all forms are submitted to NYS.  Ongoing
supervision is available on an individual or group basis.

All supervision is done by qualified NYS licensed supervisors and
AAMFT approved supervisors. AAMFT is the professional
organization that regulates the field of Marriage and Family
Therapy. For additional information on this organization,  please
view Social Work supervision is provided by
Licensed Clinical Social Workers. For information on the regulating
organization for Social Workers, please see

MFT NY supervisors meet with future Mental Health Professionals
on a weekly basis. This can be arranged in an individual or group
setting. One way mirror observation is available for observing
therapists working with clients in session, as well as the use of
audio technology. Video and audio tape playing is also utilized
when appropriate.
To schedule an appointment call
E-Mail us at
Marriage and Family
Therapy of New York
Internship opportunities are
available at MFTNY to students in
the fields of marriage and family
therapy, social work, clinical
psychology, and/or mental health.
Interns provide psychotherapeutic
services to individuals, couples,
and families under the supervision
of a licensed mental health
Interns at NYMFT are carefully supervised and trained to
learn the operations of the agency, client intake, clinical
assessment of clients, couples, and families, development
of treatment plans, clinical skills, and the process of

They learn how to apply short and long treatment goals,
the theory and therapy of systemic treatment, as well as
certain topical areas such as: divorce counseling, post
traumatic stress, alcohol and substance abuse issues,
remarried family issues, etc.

Supervision occurs weekly. Interns are responsible for
case presentation, exploration of the use of self in therapy,
and  clinical process.

The use of audio and video tapes are used when

Interns are evaluated mid-term and end-term.

Interns are reviewed and accepted into the Program semi-

Supervisors interact with University supervisors on a
regular basis discussing the Intern's progress.
Faculty Supervisors
Joan D. Atwood, Ph.D., LCSW, LMFT
AAMFT Clinical Member and Approved
Supervisor, Licensed Clinical Social

Laurie B. Levine, Ph.D., LMFT
AAMFT Clinical Member and Approved
The residency program at NYMFT is offered to recent graduates
holding a Masters or Doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy,
Psychology, Social Work, or Clinical Nursing who need to obtain
additional hours to meet licensure requirements. This Program
provides intense and concentrated supervision.
Any applicant interested in the position should submit the following:

 A Current Resume
 An Official Transcript
 Two Letters of Recommendation from Supervisors
          or Professors

Training Site:
Clinical Supervision is offered at the Rockville Centre, Long Island and New York City Offices.

Programmatic Features:
This is a one year program with an option for a second year.
Supervision is provided weekly utilizing audio and/or videotaping.
Residents’ case loads are build up gradually. The case load
consists of individuals, clients and families. Residents are required
to attend workshops that are offered by NYMFT.

If Interested:
Send cover letter, transcript, and the two letters of
recommendation to:
Dr. Joan D. Atwood
542 Lakeview Avenue
Rockville Centre, New York 11570
Additional Information
542 Lakeview Avenue, Rockville Centre, NY 11570                      19 West 34th Street, New York, NY                                         70 Glen Cove Rd Roslyn Heights NY 11577

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